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What assistance do we provide? 

We have helped numerous businesses over the years who have been assessed by HMRC Revenue and Customs enquiries following Pay As You Earn (PAYE), Corporation Tax (CT), Self-Assessment (SA), Working/Child Tax Credits (WTC/CTC) or VAT enquiries - reducing determination liabilities often exceeding £250K in back-taxes and penalties to zero. 


Our team consists of ex-HMRC inspectors, specialist lawyers and qualified accountants with 50 years of experience in dealing with HMRC related issues and investigations.

We are able to be different from other tax consultancies and offer our no win no fee promise on all assignments - if we do not save you money or reclaim your costs, we will not charge you anything - guaranteed!

Call us now for a free no-obligation consultation on 0800 702 2516, or email us on enquiries@bowerandleaf.co.uk

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Our track record speaks for itself!

Yes, it’s true! We have even recovered thousands of pounds from HMRC that businesses didn't even know about.

We are able to claim all these costs back as well as prepare HMRC returns and accounts - if we cannot reduce your tax bill or recover tax for you, we do not charge you.

We appreciate costs are always a key consideration of smaller businesses, so we keep costs to a minimum by avoiding reinventing the wheel where we already have created a solution and we maximise technology to get things done as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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